FACEBOOK WIFI Powered by Velocity PCM & Darkhorse Tech

Have you heard of Facebook WiFi?

Facebook WiFi is a Wireless Guest Internet Network for your dental practice. When your patients connect to the network, it gently asks them to “Check In” on Facebook at your dental practice. The only way to bypass this is by a code your office can give out if a patient asks. After your patient “Checks In” it broadcasts to all of their connections on Facebook that they are a patient of yours.  They are then able to proceed to the network accordingly. Since this is a guest network, there can be no unintended access to your main office network.

Where the value lies in this:

When a patient broadcasts they are visiting your practice to all of their friends and family, you are betting that one of those connections are either looking for a new dentist or looking to switch dentists. They can simply click on their friend’s post and get your office number, office hours and website.

What is Needed?

  1. ASUS Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 Gigabit Router, Black ( RT-AC68U) – ($149.39 – Amazon)
  2. An Internet Connection
  3. A Business Facebook Page

That’s it! It’s a one-time cost to buy the router and you have free marketing! That’s about as good as it gets for ROI!


Reuben Kamp

Co-Founder; Velocity PCM

Seeing a void in the dental IT field in terms of service, Reuben left his job at a nationwide dental IT company in 2012 to found Darkhorse Tech in New York.  Reuben started Darkhorse Tech in order to focus on a more intimate business model of his own, striving to create a more personalized one-on-one service model for his clients.

​After only 6 years, Darkhorse now services over 300 businesses in 34 states, and has branched out to not only include dental offices, but legal, finance, food & beverage and manufacturing as well.

Reuben joined the Velocity team in 2018.

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