You want performance? We deliver performance!  Velocity websites are hosted on best in class cloud based managed hosting environments. Improve your page load times by 500%. Our hosting environment leverages a potent combination of web server and cache technologies which gives you exceptionally fast managed cloud hosting. This allows you to have a website that is visually rich and lightning fast!


A powerful service that delivers superior performance and top-of-the-chart global response times.  We run all of our hosted sites on our on our powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Free SSL Certificate Installed

Not only does having an SSL certificate make your visitors feel safe and boost your credibility in their eyes, Google is now penalizing a website’s search ranking if they do not have one.  An SSL certificate enables an encrypted connection between your site and your visitors.  It’s basically the same as sending a letter through the mail in an envelope.  Not having an SSL certificate would be like sending that same letter through the mail without an envelope; open to anyone to see.  Visitors don’t like that very much.  Host your site with us and we’ll install and configure an SSL certificate with 256 bit encryption at no extra charge!

Velocity Practice Communication Management - Dental Website Hosting - SSL Certificates


SSD technology can provide for a 1000x increase in input/output compared to regular drives.  All Velocity hosted websites leverage SSD storage.


Host your site with Velocity PCM and that includes unmetered data transfer.  This means that you can have almost any type of website and scale it to suite your needs.


We install state of the art caching software that drastically boosts loading speeds and the number of hits a site can take without degrading performance.

Security & Performance Updates

When it comes to managing and maintaining a website, this is arguably the most important factor.  Websites need constant monitoring and updating to ensure maximum performance and security.  Our systems are constantly scanning your site for vulnerabilities and our advanced tech team applies the necessary updates.

Velocity Practice Communication Management - Dental Website Hosting - Security & Performance Updates


We create numerous daily back ups of your site and we store them securely in the cloud for maximum security.  This allows for a quick restoration in case something goes wrong.


We run constant 24/7 monitoring of our client’s sites to ensure their site is up and running.  When it goes down, our support team is immediately notified so we can fix the problem and keep your site live.


Almost every website faces a barrage of attacks everyday.  We run extremely advanced and automated security checks using state of the art systems to make sure your site is protected.

Velocity Practice Communication Management - Dental Website Hosting - Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

We keep a close eye on how your website is performing so that if problems arise, they can be addressed quickly and effectively to ensure the best experience for your visitors.

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